As a mechanical engineer to your dream job within 3 months - WITHOUT getting lost in the crowd of applicants.

  • Finally find your own dream job
  • Don't be afraid of job interviews anymore
  • Finally convince HR & the decision-makers in job interviews
  • Get a (master) plan that works
  • Get a clear structure that enables success to be planned
  • Personal support that takes your individual needs into account
  • No pressing into a fixed system that doesn't suit you
  • Get a job where not only the job but also the environment fits
  • Finally no more disorientation with regard to your own career, but also with regard to the market situation

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What my coachees say:

NIRAJ JAVKAR  //  Design Engineer

Before coaching with you I had a confusion in which field I should go. But after consulting with you I got a clear picture what is my passion and what will be the best career choice for me.

The main thing I am going to take with me is believe in yourself and believe on your dream! Everything is possible, you have to stick with it.


YES Germany

Dr. Gagan Syal (YES Germany) recommended me to you (Wolfgang, the application coach).

I learned a lot of new ways which were very effective in getting more percentage of positive reply. You had answers for literally everything, for every scenario. Your support was very much more than I expected and that gave me a lot of confidence!

100% I would recommend your coaching to engineers because a lot of engineers still don´t know how to apply smartly.

ROHIT BANDICHODE  // Renewable Energies Engineer

I learned from you how to work disciplined and how to get things done.

Also I learned very unique approaches to apply for a job plus how to prepare for interviews, how to build your resume and cover letter and how to approach for those jobs which are suitable for me.

In the end I got very much closer, pretty closer to my dream job and I achieved it!

MANOJ LAKSHMIKANTHA  //  Supply Chain Planner

When it comes to the application process I was lacking lot of knowledge. I didn´t know there are lot of attributes placed role in the application process.

Since even though I am in India for my job search it has helped me a lot to find a job in Germany. Even though I don´t have visa there was some positive response I was getting from an employer!

AKSHAY BELUR VENKATESHA  //  Field Service Engineer

I learned a lot during this coaching, for example I got to know my great strengths and my challenges and learned where I can improve.

I liked the AIT method best, because at the beginning I got to know my strengths and myself better and we then concentrated on my applications, i.e. my résumé, etc.

Muhammad Umair Akram // System Validation Engineer

What did you learn from me?

Before taking this training, I was not thinking about the perspectives and not taking the opportunities in a very focused way or in a very one directional way. This training, when I answered some certain questions and wrote it down, helped me, defining my direction and after that I followed it. That was a very helping move!

What did you like most?

I learned what are the important aspects that I should consider before deciding or before applying for a job. That was amazing and useful. And the second important thing is that regardless of whether we talked on WhatsApp, personally or any other way: It made the training easy, and I liked it!

How did my training bring you closer to your dream job?

The most important thing is: The questions in the training were like “we have to think about ourselves”. And even I thought that I have already thought about these kinds of questions, I never wrote about it. That was a really good thing!

How was working with me?

It was very good, because young graduates like me which are looking for a job sometimes getting stressed, and we are hoping that we can discuss it somewhere. We are applying for hundreds of jobs and not getting responses as we want and then we wish that there is someone to whom we can talk and discuss where our problems are. So, this were a really good thing when we talked and we discussed, what are the points and where should I improve.

And you were very friendly, so that made it easier to discuss the stuff and that was a really good thing. You know, being open to listen and understand the situation, it helps very good. You took it seriously and that was very important for me.

How was your application process before the training, how is it now after the training?

Before the training it was quite random and open to everything, like the catchy phrase “I am open to every opportunity”.

When I did this training and these tasks, it was really helping in a way that I knew “this is the main topic, this is the criteria. If I focus it here, there is a great probability that I will achieve this”. And that actually worked for me!

What do you take with you as a great learning for your life?

The most important thing which I learned was to define the direction! That´s a really important thing for me now. You have to write it, you have to define it and once you just defined, then you put completely 100% effort to achieve. That´s what I take with me!

Would you recommend my coaching to other engineers? If yes, why?

I would recommend it for international students and graduates who are currently living in another country, especially in Europe, and not able to find a job – they would find it very good. Because in university, especially in Indian institutes these kinds of courses, these kinds of stuff are not considered very important. They are just working on the technical skills, but not on the communication skills! And communication does not only mean, how you talk to people, communication also means how you write your stuff. Because when we are sending applications, like the CV, cover letter and other additional documents, we are actually communicating ourselves by this application. So, this is really important! That´s what for young graduates is a really really good course!

Would you invest in coaching with me again?

In the coming years I am not expecting it, because I found my dream job now. But If I´d be in the same situation as 3 months ago, then yes exactly, then I would be investing in coaching with you again.

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5 easy steps to...

Finally get your dream job

3 reasons why you have NOT got your dream job so far:

  1. 1
    You have ingenious skills and are the best employee of your boss, but that is exactly what you CANNOT SELL and accordingly the value of it is ZERO.

    And WHY do you find selling SO HARD? I want to tell you: It's your MINDSET.

    You still think that selling is about "PALM SOMETHING OFF ON SOMEONE". Such a mindset will hold you back extremely for a lifetime and always let you stay below your professional possibilities, the result: disappointment, burnout, lack of fulfillment in life, illness and so on ...
  2. 2
    You apply for the positions that are completely INAPPROPRIATE for you. However, since you are NOT getting FEEDBACK from a professional, you are NOT AWARE of it and you think that you "ideally fit the job at hand" - but this is a fallacy!
  3. 3
    You are still using OLD METHODS, such as the classic cover letter, job portals for everyone or many parallel applications at the same time and you are not using up-to-date DIGITAL METHODS to apply.

5 easy steps to finally get your DREAM JOB

With my AIT method

in 5 steps to your dream job!

  • Revealed: How you can get your dream job with EASE and ENTHUSIASM within 3 months.
  • Find out: How you can increase the chance of getting a new job WITHOUT ending up in an unloved job or constantly having to write new cover letters by 240%.
  • Discover: How you can finally get attention with your applications with the help of my AIT method and NO longer have to write annoying cover letters.


Step 1: You learn how to gain clarity about your passions and values

You will learn what is really FUN for you, what corresponds to your VALUES and in which activities you feel FULFILLMENT. In addition, you will also learn to prioritize things and become clear about what is really important to you and WHY you are doing it all. Promise: You will get to know yourself all over again! This will allow you to find out what makes you UNIQUE and what your USP (= unique selling point) is - the basis for a successful application as an engineer.


Step 2: You get to know your skills and your strengths

You will learn what your greatest TALENTS and ABILITIES are. It is about personally creating what you are really good at, what you "work by itself" and what makes you SPECIAL. This is so that you can later in the interview with full conviction tell what you are really good at, that you believe in it yourself and that you can STAND OUT from your COMPETITION!


Step 3: You learn that even in a crisis there are winners and what they are

This 3rd step is about learning to CORRECTLY ASSESS the ECONOMIC SITUATION so that you know exactly where it makes sense to apply. You will learn where there are future opportunities and the markets are growing. This means you know very clearly where the application is worthwhile, so that you will later receive the positive feedback on your applications that you have in mind.


Step 4: You will learn how to use a special technical method to stand out from the crowd

The fourth step is to get noticed with your applications. Therefore, in the fourth step, I will show you how you can STAND OUT FROM THE MASS OF APPLICANTS with a contemporary digital method and how you do NOT have to write classic cover letters like 99% of all other applicants.


Step 5: You will learn how to become much more self-confident, assertive and binding in order to present yourself really good in job interviews

In the 5th step you will learn how to SELL YOURSELF AND YOUR SERVICES. In addition, you will receive from me how you can strengthen your self-confidence in order to present yourself confidently and convincingly. You will also learn how to sell your skills, your values and your personality in such a way that you become an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER for the company where you want to do your dream job!

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5 easy steps to...

Finally get your dream job

Before you find out more about my AIT method: Is it the same for you?

Why are my applications always rejected?

I just can not find any job advertisements for what I want to do

don't know exactly what job advertisements are about

Which positions should I apply for?

Does this position suit me?

What else should I do? I've already tried everything...

I am rejected because "other candidates are better suited to the position"

How can I make my profile stand out from others?

I get rejected due to "lack of professional experience"

How can I sell myself as a career starter?

Despite numerous applications and rejections, I DO NOT understand who exactly the companies are looking for as applicants

Why am I always getting rejected?

My counterpart (HR) does not understand me

I don't get interviews even though I meet ALL job requirements

My challenge is: To fit into a niche as an all-rounder, i.e. to sell myself as a specialist.

I am getting rejected because my German (B1 level) is "not that good"

I had a good feeling during the job interview, but then I got the rejection...

Do one or more of these points apply to you? Excellent! Because my customers have already solved these challenges.

As an engineer, you will take these skills with you from my coaching:

  • The ability to sell yourself (even as a young professional!)
  • To look at your own applications from the perspective of an entrepreneur/HR and to apply accordingly
  • The ability to earn lucratively even in a crisis
  • To gain absolute clarity about what is really important to you, where you really want to work and what exactly your own unique skills and talents are (= your USP)
  • The confidence that you get exactly what you want
  • The ability to stand out from the crowd, in other words to send unique applications - both technically as in terms of content
  • Structured searching and finding of desired positions
  • Confident appearance and speaking in German (if any German level existing) to successfully master job interviews

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Do you want to solve the aforementioned challenges, just as my customers have already done? + Do you want to acquire the listed skills to finally get your dream job?

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5 easy steps to...

Finally get your dream job

9 greatest benefits of this coaching

These 9 advantages are offered by my tried and tested training, which was specially developed for engineers - for engineers by an engineer - I promise!

  • You learn to SELL
  • Personal care
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • You can CONVINCE
  • Proven templates
  • You learn to NEGOTIATE
  • Crisis-proof
  • Understand HR

Get your dream job NOW!

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The procedure for participating in coaching

Step 1: Enter in my application form

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Then I will usually get in touch with you within 48 hours!

Step 2: Free initial interview

In our free initial interview we will talk about your individual situation and find out together whether I can help you.

Step 3: Joint implementation

If you decide to work with me afterwards, we will implement the discussed plan together so that you can start your dream job in 3 months or sooner.

Register in my application form NOW.

Based on the application form, I know how I can help you specifically!

5 easy steps to...

Finally get your dream job

You are suitable for this training if you ...

Please read the following points carefully and only apply for a free initial interview with me if you meet all of the points!


  • ...have already gained experience as an engineer
  • ...currently have a full-time or part-time job
  • ...can make decisions quickly


  • not want to write any applications yourself
  • ...just want to be referred
  • ...are unreliable
  • ...just want "any" job


You should be an engineer in the application phase and have the desire not to end up in just any job, but in your dream job. If you don't currently have a full-time job, that doesn't matter, but you should at least have a part-time job where you can put money aside on a regular basis. In no case apply to me for a free initial interview if you are not 100% reliable!

Get your dream job NOW!

Just fill out my application form so that I know how I can help you specifically!

Wolfgang Krüger

Wolfgang Krüger

My name is Wolfgang Krüger and I help engineers to get their dream job within 3 months - WITHOUT getting lost in the crowd of applicants.

From 2014 to 2020 I studied materials science and engineering at the FAU in Erlangen, Germany. After I was able to go through the application phase myself in 2020, I noticed that many engineers feel the same way as me: Hardly any feedback from the companies, only a few invitations to interviews and the inability to sell oneself as an engineer.

After I had solved exactly these points for myself, one thing was clear to me: My dream job is to pass on the knowledge of how to successfully apply as an engineer in order to help as many engineers as possible to get their dream job!

Wolfgang Krüger (application coach for engineers)

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5 easy steps to...

Finally get your dream job

Frequently asked questions

How high is the investment for coaching?

That depends on your individual situation and I can only tell you when I know what exactly you need from my program. That is why we will talk about this in detail in our free initial interview.

Is it possible that I will give you part of my first salary as an investment for coaching?

Yes, this is possible. However, an initial investment is necessary at the beginning of the coaching! In addition, all amounts can generally be invested in instalments.

Is it bad if I can't write applications?

No, it doesn't matter. Because this is exactly what you will learn in my training. In addition, you will learn how to replace the classic cover letter with a modern digital method.

What happens after I filled out the application form?

I will get in touch with you via WhatsApp within 48 hours. You can find a detailed description of the process here!

How long will it take to get a job?

You should expect a time expenditure of 5 - 10 hours per week over 3 months. Currently (as of 16/04/2024) engineers who are in my training get a job after an average of 4 months.

Do I get a guarantee that I will get a job?

No, you don't get a guarantee. You can only give yourself this guarantee by participating 100% in my training!

What exactly do I get in coaching?

We will adapt the 5 steps of my AIT method described here to you so that you can solve the challenges you currently have when applying and get your dream job within 3 months or sooner.