Change as a full-time engineer in 3 months to your dream employer – WITHOUT having to give up your dream job.

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  • Learn how to find time for your applications (besides your full-time job and private life)
  • Finally change your employer without getting (again) into a toxic environment
  • Get recognized by your dream employers
  • Learn how to professionally sell yourself in front of recruiters, HRs and directors
  • Not only find dream employer, yet also get your dream job
  • Get to know chances of job market and how to use them
  • Get a clear structure how to achieve your big professional goals in the long run
  • Personal support that takes your individual needs into account

What my coachees say:

DHRUV THAKER // Environmental Engineer

Because of your training I learned where I really need to look for to change my current employer and get my dream job. And second of all how can I shine among other 100 applicants like how can I do things differently for example creating that sales text.

The most I liked was, you were ready for every situation so whenever I had a problem you were ready to solve it instantly!

ANANTHU AJIKUMAR  // Materials Engineer

There was something new to me like standing out from the crowd with the selling video and also I don't know how many people knows that till now.

I have attended many other coaching sessions like I have spent a lot of money on those things but something that made me to you is like first you are from my same background second one was like I also saw the LinkedIn videos of you before joining the program.

Muhammad Umair Akram // System Validation Engineer

What did you learn from me?

Before taking this training, I was not thinking about the perspectives and not taking the opportunities in a very focused way or in a very one directional way. This training, when I answered some certain questions and wrote it down, helped me, defining my direction and after that I followed it. That was a very helping move!

What did you like most?

I learned what are the important aspects that I should consider before deciding or before applying for a job. That was amazing and useful. And the second important thing is that regardless of whether we talked on WhatsApp, personally or any other way: It made the training easy, and I liked it!

How did my training bring you closer to your dream job?

The most important thing is: The questions in the training were like “we have to think about ourselves”. And even I thought that I have already thought about these kinds of questions, I never wrote about it. That was a really good thing!

How was working with me?

It was very good, because we discussed where my problems are. So, this were a really good thing when we talked and we discussed, what are the points and where should I improve.

And you were very friendly, so that made it easier to discuss the stuff and that was a really good thing. You know, being open to listen and understand the situation, it helps very good. You took it seriously and that was very important for me.

How was your application process before the training, how is it now after the training?

Before the training it was quite random and open to everything. When I did this training and these tasks, it was really helping in a way that I knew “this is the main topic, this is the criteria. If I focus it here, there is a great probability that I will achieve this”. And that actually worked for me!

What do you take with you as a great learning for your life?

The most important thing which I learned was to define the direction! That´s a really important thing for me now. You have to write it, you have to define it and once you just defined, then you put completely 100% effort to achieve. That´s what I take with me!

Would you recommend my coaching to other engineers? If yes, why?

I would recommend it for international engineers who are currently living in another country, especially in Europe. Because in university, especially in Indian institutes these kinds of courses, these kinds of stuff are not considered very important. They are just working on the technical skills, but not on the communication skills! And communication does not only mean, how you talk to people, communication is also about the application documents. So, this is really important!

Would you invest in coaching with me again?

In the coming years I am not expecting it, because I found my dream job now. But If I´d be in the same situation as 3 months ago, then yes exactly, then I would be investing in coaching with you again.

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Just fill out my application form so that I know how I can help you specifically!

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